How much does it cost?

Our bulk blooms buckets cost $60 and contain a minimum of 60 stems depending on what's in bloom at the time.

How many arrangements can I make from a bucket?

Well, the answer is- it depends! Each bucket will coatin a mix of at least 60 stems of flowers and foliage. This can typically make about 5-6 small table arrangements, but of course it will depend on the size of your vessel and the look you want.

What kind of flowers will be in my bucket?

All kinds! We will walk our fields and give you the best of what's in bloom for your date. Each bucket contains a mix of both flowers and foliage or "filler" flowers. Typically our premium flowers such as lillies or dahlias will not be included in your bucket and can be purchased separately by the stem or bunch. Inquire for more details.

Can I request specific flower types or colours?

Our bulk blooms are designed and priced to cater to folks who are happy with a garden-fresh look and don't require specific flowers or specific colours. You can choose from two colour pallettes: Bright & Bold or Pastels. If you have a specific colour that you want to avoid (i.e. no bright orange!) we can accomodate those requests, but in general it's "farmer's choice". We will however make sure the flowers in your buckets coordiante and work well together so your arrangements will have a cohesive look. Please note: If you are also ordering A La Carte Florals, we will coordinate your buckets with your wedding flowers

How should I care for my flowers?

You can keep your flowers fresh and vibrant by storing them in the coolest place you can, out of direct sunlight. A cool basement area or room with air-conditioning works just fine. Using very clean containers, whether buckets or vases or mason jars, is of the utmost importance in keeping your blooms lively and fresh. Make sure you always use clean fresh water when filling your vases. You can also make a homemade flower food to keep your flowers looking good: Add 1TBS sugar, 2TBS lemon juice and a tsp of bleach or hydrogen peroxide to 1 litre of lukewarm water.

When can I pick up my flowers?

Please contact us by phone (250-304-8084) or e-mail (stonemeadowflowers@gmail.com) to arrange pick up of your flowers. Your flowers will be available for pick up on Friday by 11am, if you need to pick them up earlier please call or e-mail to see if special arrangements can be made. When possible, you should transport your flowers inside an air-conditioned vehicle- preferably one with a hatchback or seats that fold down flat (depending on the quantity of flowers you're picking up). Try to make flower pick-up your last stop as flowers are not happy sitting locked up in a vehicle in a sunny parking lot.

Are bulk buckets available all season?

Our bulk blooms are only available when our fileds are the most abundant- from mid-June through fall frost, which can be any time from mid-September to early October.

How far in advance should I order?

We recommend reserving your flowers as far in advance as possible, especially if you think you'll need a lot (10 buckets, for example). The guarantees that the amount of flowers you need will be reserved for you. However, you can place your order with as little as one week's notice, pending availability. Please contact us by phone (250)-304-8084, or email stonemeadowflowers@gmail.com to check availability before placing your order.

Do I need to give you a deposit?

Yes, all orders require a $50 deposit payable at least one week in advance. We prefer cash or e-transfer, but can also take credit cards by phone or in person.






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