I originally purchased these tubers as L'ancresse, however I'm not totally convinced that's what they are. It is a white ball, as seen in the photos here. We found it very prodcutive and long lasting in the vase. The stems have a purpleish tinge and the plant is fairly compact. Whoever she is, we'll be growing her again next year! Very productive.


Form: Ball

Bloom SIze: 3.5"

Height: 3.5 ft

White Ball

  • Because dahlia tubers cannot freeze, all our tubers will ship to you in the spring, beginning mid-April. We will send out a notice before shipping begins, so if you live in a colder part of the country you will then be able to select a later shipping date if necessary. We will not be able to accommodate early shipping date, sorry!


    We sell single, dormant tubers that are guaranteed to have at least one good growing eye.






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