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Hi Friends! Here's some helpful information about our shipping policies:


  • Currently we only ship within Canada, but hope to add US shipping soon
  • If you are local, you can choose "Local Pick-Up" at checkout
  • We will send you a notification when your wreath is ready for pick up. Then, please email or call us to arrange pick up. We are flexible and can usually make anytime before 7pm work on most days.
  • Shipping is via Canada Post and the actual shipping cost will be calculated at check out. It will vary greatly depending on your location and size of wreath. Costs range from $20 for a small wreath shipped to Ottawa to $55 for a large wreath shipped to a small town in BC. Your proximity to larger city centers will greatly impact the cost of shipping.


  • Remember- we only ship within Canada!
  • If you are local, you can choose "Pick Up" when checking out to avoid shipping charges- see more info below
  • Because dahlia tubers cannot freeze, we keep your tubers in storage until the weather has warmed.
  • Depending on the weather, we typically begin shipping in mid-April and will send out an email notification beforehand to touch base. At that time you can let us know if you would like a later ship date. 
  • Once your order ships you will receive an email with tracking information.
  • We are not able to accommodate any requests for early shipping or pick-up.

We use Canada Post to ship all our orders and a calculator that will show your actual shipping costs at check out. We do not make any money off of shipping charges.

If you chose "pick up"- we will email you with more details to let you know when your order will be ready for pick up. We pull all the dahlias out of storage at the same time and begin packing all orders for pick-up and delivery at the same time- typically mid to late April. 

As with most things lately, shipping costs have gone up quite a bit over the last year. Unfortunately there is very little difference in price to ship 1 tuber or 10. It also looks like the shipping to smaller towns has gone up more than shipping to bigger cities and centers. I wish this weren’t the case, but here it is! The average price to ship about 8 tubers is around $20 - $30.

Please note: we cannot accommodate requests for early shipping


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