greetings from nova scotia!

After farming 2.5 acres of cut-flowers and dahlias near Nelson, BC for 7 years, we recently relocated to Granville Ferry, Nova Scotia in December of 2021!

welcome to stone meadow gardens

Many of you might remember us from our beloved Kootenay farm-stand where we sold armloads of gorgeous cut-flowers and our signature, seasonally inspired bouquets.

new adventures

But, for the upcoming 2022 season, we are focusing on what has become our passion- growing dahlias (and dahlia tubers!) While we are sad to let the bouquet making side of things go for now, we are really excited about getting to focus all our energy on growing the flowers that seemed to bring the most joy to ourselves and our customers- dahlias!!

our commitment to the land

We have a firm commitment to caring for the land and the community of plants, animals and people that are all connected to it.

We believe that to grow beautiful, healthy plants you must create a healthy, thriving environment for them to flourish. Starting with a program to nourish and and nurture the soil, we use simple organic and regenerative techniques to build a healthy foundation for our plants for our plants to thrive.

starting from the ground up

In addition to only using nature-based fertilizers and soil amendments, another way we care for the soil is by using cover crops whenever we don't have a "crop" in the ground. Here you can see Carl admiring his late summer planting of oats, peas, tillage radish and clover that will nurture and protect the soil and its underground ecosystem.


Because of export restrictions, we are only able to ship tubers within Canada